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Alluminium cladding panel or ACP is basically a metal curtain wall system, which helps as a complete coverage to the building. These system provide strength, flexibility and consistencyt required for the most challenging design criteria. Our thermal composite panel involved thermo plastic compund core, sandwitch layered between two sheets. These system provides long life span and requires zero maintenance. This specific features makes it worth the expense and effor employed, in stalling the ACP sheets to the construction area.

Nexaa has extensive experience in providing ACP fabrications and ACP installations for offices, factories shopping malls, hospitals, hi rise buildings. We have expertise who helps in 2D and 3D detailing and drafting. We have a successful track record and a respective clientele which provides the value of the services. Our service quality helps us to meet the needs and demands of the customers.

The two alluminium bonmds are connected a non alluminumu core. It is widely used as a mnost popular building cladding material for modern building, and it provides a contemporary look to the building.

Alluminium composite panel have some of its advantages that mnake it more reliabe and effecient in the market. They are as follows:-

As coompared to other cladding materials, it is the miost cost effective and economical material in the market.

Being the lighest material, it is very rigit and strong material, that helps to provide coverage to the building.

The application method is very easy and hassle free. This material is available in all standard sizes which make the transportation of the material very simple.

It helps to keep the building weather resistant, and helps in resisting the stain.

ACP is unbreakable material that helps to keep the dirt out of building.

They are vailable in numerous color combinations and different textures of natural stone and wood very effeciently.

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