Compact HPL- Nexaa

What is Compact HPL Exterior Grade?

Exterior Compact HPL are produced by:
  • Impregnating large amount of kraft papers having resin- absorbing capability and Pressing under high temperature of ≥170 oC and pressure of ≥ 5MPa.
  • Manufactured under European norm EN 438 and to ISO 4586 with density of ≥ 1,350 kg/m³
Exterior Compact HPL comprise of:
  • Virgin Kraft Paper (A grade)
  • Decorative Papers (All Blue scale 6 Plus Decor Paper from German Companies Like Schattdecor, Chiyoda)
  • Phenolic Resins (Formaldehyde)
  • UV protection Film (Evonik)
  • Transportation layer (Polyethylene)
Physical Attributes:
  • Dimension: 2440 x 1220/ 3050 x 1220/ 3050x1300mm
  • Thickness: usually 6mm (other thickness on demand)
  • Weight (6mm): 9kg/sqm
  • Density: 1350 kg/m³
  • Decors: Wooden, Stone/marbel, Plain, Mosaic
  • Transportation Layer: Polyethylene

Why Compact HPL Exteriro Grade? (Advntage of Compact HPL)

Scope of Compact HPL in a building:
  • Facade element
  • Canopy/porch
  • Ceiling/Attic
  • Louvers/sunscreen
  • Pergola
  • Railings
  • Boundary wall
  • Entrance gate
  • Shaft cladding
  • CNC Perforation
Where to apply? (Target buildings):
  • Residential (Kothi, bunglow, low rise builder floor, farm house)
  • Commercial (Mall, corporate, showrooms)
  • Institutional (School, college)
  • Government (metro & train stations, toll plaza, public buildings)
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, holiday homes)
  • Hospitals/private clinics/Dispensary
  • Stadium & sports complex

Compact HPL -Installation

Fixing Accessories

Components used in installation of HPL except aluminium are as follows:
  • PVC sleve,
  • Star full thread screw
  • Self drilling self tapping screw
  • Gypsum screw
  • Coloured aluminium screw
  • Coloured SS screw
  • Double sided tape
  • Silicone
  • Primer & cleaner

Compact HPL Decor We have more than 40 designs in plain/wooden/marbel/mosaic

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