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Renovate Your Home with the Slim Tiles to Reap Many Benefits

Are you going to renovate your living space? Do you look for the best tiles to design your home in a different manner? If so, then you can consider slim tile for your home renovation. Unlike other tiles, it is slim and has a thickness of 3.5mm to 5mm. At present, slim tiles play a major role in the tile industry.

Slim tiles are getting more popular among the homeowners because of its versatile, hardy, and trend-forward. In this article, you will get to know the reasons why you should consider slim tiles for your home renovation purpose.

Reasons to consider slim tiles for home renovation

Replace your existing tiles quickly with no fuss

Do you wish to transform your old or new home quickly? Slim tiles can be easily laid over your existing wall or floor tiles without any hacking. In addition to, they can also directly apply to the plastered walls and to cabinetries. Since they come in different sizes, they would not add more weight to your surfaces.

Helps you save money and time on installation

Since these large format slim tiles come in sizes of 300cm/100cm, it requires less labor work to install. You will require only one tile in order to cover the whole wall space right from floor to ceiling. You can even use slim tiles on bathroom floors. Additionally, it helps you save money in the long run and make your home looks bigger.

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