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Structure Glazing

Structural Glazing is a system of bonding between the aluminum frames utilizing high strength, high performance silicons sealants. They are basically curtain system walls systems consisting of glass that is bonded to a structure that without using continuous aluminum pressure. This specific technique is used in almost all types of glasses, including insulating glass units. The glass can be comprised of monolithic, laminat3d, dual glazed or even triple glazed insulating glass units. The structurally glazed system creates a greater transparency then traditional captured system. There are less visual interruption due to lack if metal on the exterior creating a continuous glass look. These captured walls have pressure plates and caps that can observe large amount of heat, depending on the season. It also helps in saving on energy consumption cost.

Advantage of Structural Glazing

There are some specific advantages of structural glazing that helps to get more details about the same. The following advantages are as follows:-

Allows for flexible architectural designs

Increase in the thermal efficiency of buildings because of the external exposure of metal framing is reduced.

The air filtration is reduced and water is eliminated.

Reduction in the thermal breakage of glass.

Nexaa is among the leading company for providing structural grazing stem. With its assured stability and safety, this innovative product allows the architectures to build entire structure out of the glass, the flexibility of architecture design is allowed, to create bright and attractive working environment. Nexaa is working since many years and it has successful completed many projects in different parts of country.

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