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Terracotta Cladding

Terracotta cladding is a 100% natural material composed of clay, and are made using water and fire. This technique is simply used to create striking facade designs combining other material like glass, stone surface, paint etc. Terracotta is known for its design flexibility, distinctive colors, natural textures, durable nature and sustainability. Terracotta cladding can also be described as Argeton rain screen system which combines the durability Its comprises of range of natural clay and is among the first ceramic facade to have passed the test for ball throwing in accordance with. These terracotta tiles are used ,mostly in palaces, temples and statues, and it has been stood for thousands of years.

Terracotta cladding system emerges advantages of two worlds of technology in constructiion, for m,aking it a growing technique in the future. There are some basic advantages of using these kind of cladding systems. They are as follows:-

Teracotta cladding system helps to keep your building safe from any worst kiind of weather consitions without any need of maintenance and repair. This includes positive and negative wind loads, as well as seismic, thermal, and normal movement.

This is the most energy saving system, by locating the insulation outside the vapor/air barrier. Due to air movement, condensation is continially evaporating. It results in higher insulation value which reduces energy consumption.

The teracotta cladding does not require any extra maintainnace, as it do not have any kind of chemical leakage.

It is the most eco friendly and recyclable material.

The water absorption level is almost low and is very water resistant.

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